New Years Eve In Albania


New Year in Albania is celebrated in its own way. The country celebrates both the English New Year and the traditional New Year (Nowruz). The English New year is celebrated as usual on the 1st of January throughout Albania. Nowruz - 21 of march.


Merry making and feasting is an important part of the New Year celebrations. New Year party is a very popular entertainment option. Tourism is at its best during this time of the year.

The major cities of the country are decorated with lights and celebrations are made in every household. The traditional New Year in Albania is also celebrated with equal enthusiasm throughout the country.

The English New Year is welcomed with various celebrations like gun shooting, fireworks explosion and other vibrant events.

Midnight feasts are very common. The dance bars and the clubs of the country arranges for special New Year's party to greet the forthcoming year. Dance the night away to the melodious tunes and enjoy to the brim at New Year in Albania.

The traditional New Year in Albania is celebrated with much pomp and show. If your Albania Tours schedule clashes with the lunar new year of the country, then you can witness some of the traditional rituals of the Albania which are performed during this time.

The traditional New Year which is celebrated by the Persian communities of Albania is called the Norouz. The Norouz is actually a celebration of the people who follow Zoroastrian religion. New clothes and flowers are purchased by every individual during the Norouz.

The celebrations of Norouz go on for twelve days. Variety of rituals which include the breaking of earthen jars and spoon beating are followed during the celebrations. The New Year in Albania is celebrated by both the locals and the visitors.

Travelers are delighted to see the beautiful rituals performed at every household of Albania during their traditional New Year. Music is also an important part of Albania New Year. People sing and dance to welcome the forthcoming year with great zeal.