Education in Albania


The literacy rate in Albania for the total population, age 9 or older, is about 99%. Elementary education is compulsory (grades 1-9), but most students continue at least until a secondary education. Students must successfully pass graduation exams at the end of the 9th grade and at the end of the 12th grade in order to continue their education.


Most schools are public and financed through the government, but recently several private schools of various levels have been opened. There are about 5000 schools throughout the country.

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The school week begins on Monday and ends on Friday.

Depending on the academic level, the school year usually begins in mid-September or October and finishes around June or July. There is a winter break of about two weeks.

Preschool education (çerdhe or kopësht): 1–4 years

Primary education (9-vjeçare): 9 years (8 years prior to 2008)

Secondary education

Regular (e mesme or gjimnaz): 3 years
Vocational or Technical (teknike): 2–5 years

Tertiary education

Bachelor and Master degrees (of 3 years and 1.5–2 years respectively
Quaternary education (doktoratë): 3 years