Christmas in Liechtenstein

Christmas in Liechtenstein
In Liechtenstein, the Christmas season starts around December 6th or 7th.


Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, usually a family member or friend in costume, visits each household and tells the children who have been good and who has been bad.

Then the children tell him what they want the Christmas Angel to bring them on Christmas Eve.

In Liechtenstein it is an angel, the “Christkindli”, and not Santa Claus who makes the gifts magically appear under the Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Tree is brought home about two weeks before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, the tree is decorated and they put out their presents that they brought.

Then the children are off to bed and are all excited as to what the “Christkindli” might bring them. Some families open their presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.

Christmas is also a time to visit relatives in other villages and to exchange greetings and presents.