Slovakia Christmas Traditions

Slovakia Christmas Traditions
Slovakia's Christmas traditions are similar to those of the Czech Republic. Christmas in Slovakia takes place on December 25th.


The Bratislava Christmas Market is a a major annual event in Slovakia's capital, and it allows visitors to celebrate Christmas the Slovakian way even if they won't be staying though the holidays.

Christmas Eve in Slovakia

Slovakians celebrate Christmas Eve by decorating the Christmas tree and sitting down to a Christmas Eve feast.

The breaking and sharing of wafers precedes dinner. Christmas carp, along with other traditional Slovakian foods, are served during the Christmas Eve dinner.

Ježiško, Baby Jesus, brings presents to children and places them under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

The counterpart to Santa Claus in Slovakia is Father Frost, or Dedo Mraz. But St. Mikulas can also visit children on St. Nicholas' Day on December 5.

Midnight mass may be attended the night of Christmas Eve, and the family will spend the next two days together.