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Geography of Jordan


The Geography of Jordan is full of diversities and can be classified into two main geographical regions, Eastern Jordan and Western Jordan. Located in Southwest Asia, in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia the country Jordan covers nearly 91,880 sq km.


92% of the country's land area is known as Eastern Jordan. It consists of a part of the Arabian Plateau.

A part of the Syrian Desert is included in the northwest region. Jordanian Highlands are located in the western part of the Plateau.

Western Jordan contains a section of the Great Rift Valley including Jordan River, the Arabah and the Dead Sea.

Boundaries of Jordan

To learn more about the Geography of Jordan one should emphasize on the physical boundaries of the country. Jordan is surrounded on the north by Syria, on the south by Saudi Arabia, on the east by Iraq and on the west by Israel and the Dead Sea. The Jordan River flows across the country. Most of the country is covered by the Arid hills and mountains.

Topography of Jordan

Another important aspect of the Geography of Jordan is the topography of the country. The Plateau, which covers most of the country, is 700 to 1,000 meters high. Valleys, gorges and few mountainous areas divide the plateau into ridges. The East Bank is mostly covered by desert, which is mainly a part of the great Syrian Desert.

Climate of Jordan

The climatic condition of Jordan is very unusual. From November to April it rains heavily and this period is considered as the rainy season. For the rest of the year the weather stays very dry. The summers are dry and hot and the winters are cold.

Geography of Jordan is indeed variable, which has its effect on the lives of the inhabitants of the country.