Coffee in Jordan


Coffee is more than merely a drink; in Jordan it is surrounded with custom and treated with reverence. It is an important symbol of hospitality and trust.


Offering a cup of coffee to someone and having it accepted it shows mutual goodwill. Even if you aren't a coffee fan, try to accept at least one cup if you are offered it.

Etiquette. A traditional Bedouin coffee ceremony involves three cups of coffee. Although it is polite to drink the first, it is acceptable to refuse the others.

If you don't want a refill, simply tilt your cup from side to side two or three times as you hand it back. If you do want a top-up, just hold your cup out for more.

If you're driving, pull over if you see a roadside coffee stall. Not only will the coffee be great, it is a chance to relax and chat with Jordanian travellers.