Jordan Education

Jordan Education
Due to the committed stance of the government of Jordan, education in Jordan has reached a new pinnacle of development. The country has given due recognition of the role of education in the formation of human resources, reflected in its commitment to make basic education accessible to all.


Stages of Education in Jordan consists of school education and university education providing higher education.

School Education in Jordan:

School education in Jordan has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginnings in the 1920s. There are at present 1493 privately owned schools and 2787 government owned schools in Jordan.

The government of Jordan, in implementing its education policy has constructed schools even in the remotest corners of the country.

Basic Education and Secondary Education are the divisions existing within school education.

The Ministry of Education gives great emphasis on basic education.

Secondary education comprises of further two years of study, which an academic orientation or vocational orientation.

Some well known schools of Jordan include International Community School, American Community School, Modern American School, Jubilee School, Amman Baccalaureate School and many more.

Higher Education in Jordan:

Education in Jordan also gives great importance to higher learning. The colleges and universities are the seats of higher education in Jordan. There are several good community colleges and universities in Jordan.

Some reputed universities of Jordan include The University of Jordan, Amman University, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Yarmouk University, Petra University and several others.

University and Colleges, Jordan are the seats of higher learning.

Only students with the General Secondary Education Certificate can avail of higher education and enroll at the university and colleges, Jordan.

Types of Universities and Colleges in Jordan:

In Jordon, students aiming for higher education can enroll either in public Community colleges or universities or private Community colleges.

The private universities are authorized to confer Bachelor's degree where as public universities can confer Bachelor's degree as well as Master's and Doctorate's degrees.

The University of Jordan was the first public university of Jordan and Amman University was the first public university of Jordan.

Private Universities in Jordan:

Princess Sumaya University of Technology
Petra University
Jordan Academy of Music
Irbid University
University College of Educational Sciences
Amman University
Applied Science University
Philadelphia University
Amman Arab university for Graduate Studies

Public Universities in Jordan:

Jordan University of Science and Technology
The University of Jordan
Al-Albeit University
Al-Balqa Applied University
Yarmouk University
Al Hussein bin Talal University

The new Higher Education Law adopted by the government has led to the creation of The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

University and colleges, Jordan come under the purview of this ministry. The Higher Education Council and The Accreditation Council are the two constituent parts of the ministry.

University and colleges, Jordan consist of thirteen Jordanian private universities and eight Jordanian public universities, promoting Jordan as a center of higher education.