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Colombia Culture


Colombia culture, as a part of the South American culture, is diverse and very colorful. Colombia culture bears the influences of several other cultures. Apart from the original and culture of the native people,there have been lots of other European races living in Colombia and all of them has colored the main culture of this South American country, Colombia.


Colombia culture is a store house of several other cultural influences. In the mainstream of Colombia culture there are influences of Spanish and African cultures also. The Spanish cultural influences have come because of the colonizers in this country. And the African culture indicates to the slave trading in this country as a part of the whole South America.

The culture of Colombia have different traits be cause of the regional differences also. This regional cultural influences can be divided into main three groups like the interior group, the countryside culture and the coastal regional cultural influences. 

Colombia culture is a sum total of several important things like the geographical location, its colonizers, the religious groups and many other things. These are all reflected in the language, daily lifestyle, religion and in many other aspects of Colombia life.

The language of this country have several distinctive accents. Like the Caribbean people here have an accent that have affinity with the Cuba accent. Daily eating habit also reflects the influences of the Spanish and also the native food habit. Colombia culture has both the performing and the other forms of art as a very important of their culture. And in this field also Colombia culture bears its distinctive marks.