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Political System of Colombia


The very political system of any country forms the backbone of the nation and in the due course plays a guiding force in determining the growth and development of the country in every aspect. The political system of Colombia has grown from strength to strength and has played a decisive role in true sense of the term.


Constitution of Colombia---

The judicial system of Colombia is divided into categories such as a Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice, the Higher Judiciary Council, Council of State and municipal courts. However, the Supreme Court which is situated in Bogotб is actually a bench comprising of 24 magistrates who continue to be a part of this office till their death. 

The Supreme Court undertakes various responsibilities such as reviewing the state laws, bills and suggests reforms in case of any. It also acts as an advisory panel to the government in hours of need. Other parts of the constitution include - original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction. In the last part of the 20th century, the constitution has made certain changes, keeping in mind the changing necessity of the society. 

Functioning of the Colombian Government----

Since the achievement of independence from the Spanish rulers, the country of Colombia has witnessed great political turmoil which has rocked the country. In 1821 and 1830, unitary constitutions were established under the aegis of Simon Bolivar who was then the President of Colombia. Since then a number of reform measures were initiated by the subsequent governments. 

The government of Colombia follows the democratic republic framework headed by the president, whereby he is both head of state and head of government, accompanied by galaxy of political parties. Executive power of the country is wrested in the hands of the government.

 The Senate of Colombia and the House of Representatives of Colombia looks into the functioning of the legislative organ and takes due part in its functioning. Major political parties of Colombia include-- Colombian Liberal Party, Social National Unity Party, Colombian Conservative Party, United People's Movement etc.

In The Present times---

When Virgilio Barco Vargas took over the charge over the administration of Colombia in 1990 against the background of great crises, however in mid 90's military activity created a horrific spell with the lives of people being killed every now and then in small wars. 

On August 7, 1998, Andrйs Pastrana Arang became the President and initiated a series of reform measures to bring about a rapid phase of economic development. In May 2002, Бlvaro Uribe Vйlez, belonging to Liberal party attained the position of President and launched wide attempts to remove political instability and economic crisis. This has helped Colombia to become one of the fastest growing economies of South America.