Colombia Drinks


Colombia is known for its coffee, and whether you drink it regularly both at home and not, make sure to sample it while going to the country. Tintos are extremely small glasses of coffee which are often in love with the streets, from thermoses. Sometimes you’ll see vendors rolling shopping carts having a dozen or even more thermoses around, attempting to keep up with demand.


The chain of Juan Valdez Cafes may be the Colombian equivalent of Starbucks, while offering free Wi-Fi to customers.

Where To Drink It: Everywhere! Sample the normal tinto from a street vendor, an ice coffee from the Juan Valdez Cafe, and in the source, on the coffee plantation in Colombia’s Eje Cafetero.

Having a fresh glass of Maracuya juice, while overlooking the pueblo of Jardin.

Fresh Fruit Juices

Blessed having a wide variance of climates, all inside the same country, Colombia’s choice of tropical fruits is from the charts. Which most could be ordered as fresh fruit juices, for a maximum of a dollar or two, makes sampling all of them a pleasure.

Probably the most commonly available fresh fruit juice (made with water or milk) are:

Orange (naranja)

Strawberry (fresa)

Raspberry (mora)

Pineapple (pina)





Where To Drink It: Everywhere, but especially along the caribbean coast and beaches.

Hot cocoa and cheese is really a traditional Colombian combination.

Hot Chocolate and Cheese

Hot cocoa and cheese may appear like an odd combination, but this typical Colombian food combination is surprisingly delicious. Traditional Colombian hot cocoa is made without added sugar or milk, out of the box common in Western countries. Drop in bits of large cheese, and permit them to take in the flavor for any minute before fishing them by helping cover their a spoon.

Where to Drink/Eat It: Search for it around the menu at restaurants, or maybe you hike or go horse riding in the Valle de Cocora, order it in the rest stop where one can watch the hummingbirds.