Colombian Food


Colombia has numerous items to captivate. On one side, an ample offer of traditional regional recipes; alternatively, new trends which make the best of local products to show Colombian flavors into innovative dishes.


They are saying that one from the strategies to make an impression on someone’s affection is thru the charm of the good meal. “A method to a man’s heart is thru his stomach.” as some might say. A corresponding consequence may be the colloquial expression, “Full belly, happy heart.”

Colombian national cuisine is really as diverse since it’s climate, landscapes, and cultural expressions. Besides the fertility of the land that grows practically everything, you have the unlimited imagination of expert cooks who increase the sentiment they infuse to their preparations new methods easoning and creating recipes.Colombian meals are typical of Latin American cuisine in general. 

here is a heavy concentrate on deep-frying everything. Meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish) are popular, and many dishes are served with rice, beans, or potatoes. Vegetables play a little role, as the variety of fresh tropical fruits obtainable in Colombia is extensive.

Colombian Food – Typical Dishes


Ajiaco is really a heavy, potato-based soup that’s especially popular around Bogota. Additional ingredients include shredded chicken, small chunks of corn around the cob, capers, and cream. Ajiaco is usually served having a side of rice and fresh avocado, that are then be included to the soup.

Where to consume It: Just off Bogota’s Plaza Bolivar is really a small strip of Ajiaco restaurants, all declaring to have the world’s best. Select one, and prepare to fill your stomach using the best soup in Colombia.


Arepas would be the most ubiquitous Colombian food – served with nearly every meal, so when bought in the pub (for $1), meals unto themselves. Made from ground corn dough or flour, arepas con queso (with cheese) would be best sampled from street vendors. Preparations vary by region. For instance in Medellin, you will probably have sweetened condensed milk drizzled on the top, which offers a sweet counterbalance towards the saltiness of the cheese.

Where To consume It: Everywhere, however Medellin has got the best!

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa is really a traditional Antioquian dish comprising beef, pork or chicken, chorizo, chicharron (pork fat), fried plantains, a fried egg, refried beans, rice, avocado, along with a small salad. This larger than life dish is difficult to finish, and in all likelihood contain’s a month’s price of cholesterol.

Where To consume It: Bandeja Paisa is better sampled within the state of Antioquia. In Medellin, head forBrasarepa Restaurant in Envigado, where Anthony Bourdain filmed a scene for that Colombia episode of No Reservations.


Empanadas might be the most popular Colombian food. They are offered everywhere, from street vendors to cafes, and restaurants. They’re usually fried, though cafes may offer baked versions too. The most common filling is meat (ground beef), though chicken can also be widely available. Best enjoyed having a dollop of fresh salsa, that is provided by the seller.

Where to Eat It: Everywhere!

Mondongo (tripe soup)

Mondongo is yet another heavy soup, especially popular in Medellin. The bottom is chopped tripe (stomach lining or intestines) inside a broth, however it is always served with accompaniments for mixing, including rice, avocado, bananas, and fresh cilantro.

Where to consume It: Mondongo’s is really a popular restaurant chain in Medellin that are experts in this hearty Colombian food. There’s a promiment location on Calle 10 near Parque Lleras within the Poblado neighborhood.


Trucha is a kind of fish, often served in Colombia’s pueblos. Most restaurants will offer you a variety of preparations to select from, and it’s typically served having a large, fried plantain.

Where to consume It: Trucha is better experienced in the pueblos of Colombia, for example Salento, or in a trout farm in Jardin.