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Colombia Population


As per the latest data available, the Colombia population has gone up to around 44.3 million people. It now stands in the 26th position in the list of highly populated nations around the world. With this it has also become the third highly populated nation in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. 75% of the total population of Colombia is found to reside in urban areas.


The population of Colombia has seen various ups and downs. Though the population is on a rise nowadays, there were the days of the Civil war when the countrymen did not have food to survive and majority of the people went below the poverty level. During that phase, a massive decline was traced in the growth rate of Colombian population. 

But today the scenario has changed and an upward mark can be seen in the growth rate of population around Colombia. The estimated growth rate of population in Colombia is measured somewhere around 66.03%. It has been studied that if the current growth rate exists, then the Colombia population would increase by somewhat around 50000 people and it would then take over the 25th position in the world chart. 

As per the recent study of the population at Colombia, around 30.7% of the total population comprises of children below the age of 14 years. The percentage of population of Colombia between the age of 15 years and 64 years is around 64.2 while those above 65 years of age constitute only 5.2% of the total population.