New Year in East Timor

New Year in East Timor
New Year in East Timor is all about heading towards a fresh start of another year; leaving the present year behind. Every year on the New Year day, people across the small island nation celebrate the coming time with great fun and enjoyment.


The people enjoy Mouth-watering dishes, music, dance, parties and games – all this and much more is there on this very day.

Everyone is surrounded by the festive spirit and the air is filled with excitement and a lot of temptation.

Everyone exchanges wishes, exchanges gifts, visit the houses of their near and dear ones on New Year day.

People celebrate the New year with open arms. This is a special day in the lives of all the people and the ecstasy reaches its peak when everyone is busy welcoming the New Year in East Timor.

While planning for a New Year in East Timor, the Timorese public takes special care in choosing the food for the party.

New Year food should be special and tempting. . Besides good food, there are many other things that are done to make the day enjoyable and pleasurable.

Some of the most interesting things that everyone indulges in is the wearing of new clothes on New Year Day, decorating and throwing parties ,meeting friends and visiting far off places and much more .

Some people plan trips during this time early in the year to revitalize themselves and refresh their energies in East Timor.