New Year in Latvia

New Year in Latvia
New Year is a major event in Latvia. New Year in Latvia is celebrated with pomp and show. A good number of New Year parties are organized in Latvia. New Year in Latvia is also an important event for tourists coming to Latvia. They take part in the different rituals, practices and also go for New Year cruises and tours.


New Year Day in Latvia

New Year's Day in celebrated on the first of January, every year. The day was adopted according to the Gregorian calendar that is followed in Latvia. New Year is a national holiday in Latvia.

New Year Festivities in Latvia

New Year is an annual event in Latvia. It is popularly known as Jaunais Gads in Latvia.

People welcome the New Year in Latvia by raising toast to each other.

The New Year party starts with the clock striking twelve at night.

Firework display at midnight marks the beginning of a joyous new year. The party which begins on December 31 continues till the next day and sometimes, even the day after.

New Year Celebrations

New Year celebration in Latvia comprises of wild parties and night long programs. Most nightclubs and pubs organize special events on this day.

Travelers in Latvia can enjoy watching the live performance by local musicians of Latvia.

People also take part in dance programs, which form a major part of New Year celebrations in Latvia. Live music concerts are organized in city halls, on the occasion of New Year.

New Year Feasts

Most restaurants serve a special platter on the occasion of New Year in Latvia. Latvian people go out for lunch or dinner with their friends or family.

Tourists coming to Latvia can also enjoy a sumptuous feast in Latvia. You can try out Latvian specialties such as Kimenu siers, borshch and sauerkraut.

Aukstais galds is another popular Latvian dish.Tourists should not miss out Latvian piragi, which is a New Year specialty.

New Year Activities

A number of events are organized to celebrate New Year in Latvia. Tourists can enjoy a New Year cruise to Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

They can also go for island hopping tours on bicycle. Turku archipelago is a top destination choice for the same among tourists in Latvia.