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Rivers of San Marino


The Rivers of San Marino play an important role in shaping the geography of the country of San Marino. The two main rivers that flow through San Marino are San Marino River and Ausa River.


The San Marino River is also called Rio San Marino in the Italian language.

These rivers originate in the country of San Marino and continue their flow to the country of Italy.

The natural course of San Marino River creates a boundary between San Marino and Italy.

Since the rivers of San Marino share their flow with Italy, these rivers carry a significant role in the relationship between these two neighboring nations.

A division of the Adriatic Sea drains itself to give birth to Ausa River. The tourists are attracted by the blue enigmatic waters of San Marino rivers.

The tourists can take boat rides in these rivers and enjoy the scenic beauty of San Marino.

The tourists flock in the banks of the rivers of San Marino in the evening to enjoy the scenic beauty and gentle breeze. The rivers of San Marino also offer the tourists the recreation of fishing.

Few towns have taken shape near the rivers of San Marino. One of such towns is La Dogana. These rivers play significant role in the agriculture of San Marino.