The Education System in San Marino

The Education System in San Marino
San Marino, with a population of only 30,000 and a per capita income of $46,900, providing a basic service like education for free to its citizens would be a natural precedent.


Although being a sovereign state from Italy every since, as it did not join what is now Italy when it was unifying, the San Marino government still finds it prudent to pattern their educational system after the Italian curriculum.

Sammarinese children experience the fruits of the country’s wealth at the age of three. At 3-years-old, any Sammarinese child can enroll at any preschools free of charge. However, attending preschool is not compulsory.

The moment a Sammarinese citizen is eligible for schooling, usually at the age of 6, he or she must attend primary school.

Primary school in San Marino is just five years and after satisfying all requirements, the student can then move on to the next tier of San Marino’s educational ladder, the secondary school.

Secondary school consists of two levels, the lower secondary school and the upper secondary school.

The lower secondary school will entail three years in a student’s life, usually from 11-14 years of age.

Admission to the upper secondary education will be impossible if the student was not able to finish the lower secondary level.

After completing the lower secondary school, Sammarinese students may have the option of leaving formal schooling or pursue three more years as an upper secondary scholar.

Those who would finish upper secondary school education would be eligible to enroll for higher studies.

As long as one has a thirst for learning, the government of San Marino will shoulder all expenses.

Those who want to pursue higher studies can do so but only at the L’Universita di San Marino.