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The Culture of San Marino


The people of San Marino takes pride on their heritage and roots which can be traced back to Ancient Rome. In fact, their form of government that has 2 heads of state ruling at the same time is a remnant of an old Roman Empire practice.


One other interesting fact about San Marino is that the Sammarinese people did not agree to be part of Italy when Italy was unifying back in the 19th century.

The people of San Marino opted to stay independent and preserve the ancient Roman culture that are still evident along with their constitution enacted since the 1600 which is touted to be the oldest surviving constitutions in the world.

The people of San Marino are friendly and hospitable as there are more tourists than there are citizens on a yearly average.

Annually, this landlocked country receives 2 million tourists and its population numbers to only about 30,000.

Although not called Italians but the people in San Marino would very much have Italian features as they would have the same stock of genes inherent in the region.

From food to fashion sense, everything Sammarinese would have a touch of Italian flavor in it.

Like Italy, San Marino is a staunch Roman Catholic territory. Over 95% of Sammarinese go to Catholic churches and observe the customs and traditions set by the Vatican.

When it comes to sports, Sammarinese are big fans of the sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Each of these sports has their own leagues but soccer is the sport that has the most following. Sammarinese are also crazy over Formula One.

There used to be a San Marino Grand Prix, although the actual races were held in Imola, Italy.

The government decided to stop holding the races as of 2007 because of the bitter memories that comes with it as Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger both died on the San Marino Grand Prix races.

If there is one thing that would stick to mind about Sammarinese culture, it is their love affair with healthy foods and long life.

On the average, Sammarinese who have live their lives in San Marino have an average life span of 80 years old.