Healthcare in San Marino

Healthcare in San Marino
San Marino has a high standard of compulsory, state-funded healthcare and medical staff are highly qualified. The country ranks in the top three healthcare providers in Europe.


Healthcare is provided at a low cost through a network of clinics and a small hospital and private healthcare is also available in the country. All citizens and registered long-term residents are entitled by law to equal access.

Despite the high standard of healthcare, certain treatments must be conducted in hospitals outside of the republic. The San Marino government health institute oversees the health service in San Marino.

The State System

Employees must register with the health insurance fund known as the Azienda Sanit Locale when they start a new job. Employers also pay a contribution for each employee. Once registered, you receive a health card and number.

Dependant family members are covered by the contributions paid by the employed family members. Self-employed citizens must pay the full healthcare contribution to qualify for cover.

The unemployed, old age pensioners and people on long-term sickness benefit or maternity leave do not have to pay healthcare contributions, but still qualify for state-funded healthcare.

Foreigners immigrating to San Marino without jobs must produce proof of private health insurance in order to obtain their residence permit, foreigners, who pay voluntary healthcare contributions are entitled to free healthcare when they have been living in San Marino and paying contributions for two years.

The state fund covers most medical services including treatment by specialists, hospitalisation, prescriptions, pregnancy and childbirth and rehabilitation.


Citizens who belong to vulnerable groups of society e.g. pregnant women, war veterans, diabetics and tuberculosis patients do not have to pay any charges.

Appointments with a doctor and referrals to a consultant are free. Some prescription medicine is free, whilst others are subsidised according to the type of drug prescribed.

Private Healthcare

Private health cover is widely used often used to top up the state cover to avoid long waiting lists, and allows you to have the option to choose your doctor. The fees for the private cover depend on the level of cover you want.