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Republic of San Marino Attractions


The territory of San Marino (61 sq. km/24 sq. m) is mostly hilly country with Mount Titano in the center. It was founded, according to tradition in 301 A.D. Legend has it that a master stone-cutter, Marinus, left is native island and came to Mount Titano to establish a small community of Christians anxious to escape the persecutions of the emperor Diocletian.


It has its own laws and singular institutions which regulate and superintend over the democratic life of the state.

Imola - Formula One

The Formula One of San Marino is held here annually. Late April is the normal run-time.

San Leo, Italy

San Leo is perched atop a steep winding road that climbs to the summit of the huge limestone rock (639 m/2,096ft). This altitude offers an impressive view of the Marecchia Valley, Montefeltro and San Marino.

This setting was made famous by Dante in his Divine Comedy. The fort now houses a museum and picture gallery.

The cathedral which is in the Lombard-Romanesque style (1173) and the parish church are noteworthy.

San Marino - Basilica di San Marino

This neo-classical Basilica di San Marino contains the relics of St Marinus.

San Marino - Church of San Pietro

The Church of San Pietro in San Marino contains two alcoves carved into the rock and according to legend this was where San Marino and San Leo slept. Built in 600, it is located outside the Basilica of San Marino.

San Marino - Church of the Cappuccini

Church of the Cappuccini was built in the 16th C. and in 1849 it played host to Garibaldi's soldiers after the fall of the Republic of Rome. The facade, portico, cloister and painting of the Deposition by Zuccari are of particular interest. A monument to St Francis stands in the courtyard.

San Marino - Coin and Stamp Museum

The Coin and Stamp Museum houses a collection of coins, including the scudi, and stamps issued by the Republic since the mid 19th C. It is housed in the church at Borgo Maggiore.

San Marino - Government House

The Government House is in neo-gothic style and was designed by the architect Francesco Azzuri in the late 1800s.

San Marino - Museo Ippocrate (closed)

The Ippocrate in San Marino houses an extensive exhibition of old medical instruments, "magical" amulets, relics, documents and countless objects which accurately charts the long history of ancient medicine, miracle-working, magic, herbal treatments and empiricism.

San Marino - Museum of Curiosities

The Museum of Curiosities in San Marino houses a unique collection of incredible facts, objects and personalities that are strange but true.

San Marino - Reptilarium (Aquarium)

The Reptilarium in San Marino is a research and study center on the mysterious world of reptiles and marine life.

San Marino - St Francis' Museum

St Francis' Museum contains paintings from the 12th to 17th centuries, as well as modern work, Etruscan potteries and funerary objects.

San Marino - The Pyramid

The Pyramid is home to one of the largest cameras in the world. Images of views and scenes outside are projected onto a screen in the center of the Pyramid.

San Marino - Traditional Crafts Exhibition

The Traditional Crafts Exhibition in San Marino displays typical local crafts, including antique farming tools and objects from every day life in the past.

San Marino - Vintage Car Museum

The Vintage Car Museum houses a collection of over 100 vintage cars and motorcycles dating from 1900 to present. Sports cars, Formula 1 and cars belonging to famous personalities.

San Marino - Wax Museum

The Wax Museum in San Marino contains fascinating historical reconstructions of 40 scenes and 100 characters in settings and costumes of the day, charting 1000 years in international history and that of the Republic of San Marino. Special sections feature figures from opera and instruments of torture.