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Geography of San Marino


San Marino is a small country located on the Italian Peninsula. It is completely surrounded by Italy and has an area of just 23 square miles (61 sq km) and a population of 31,817 people (July 2011 estimate).


Its capital is the City of San Marino but its largest city is Dogana. San Marino is known as being the oldest independent constitutional republic in the world.

San Marino is located in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula.

Its area consists of a landlocked enclave that is entirely surrounded by Italy.

San Marino's topography mainly consists of rugged mountains and its highest elevation is Monte Titano at 2,477 feet (755 m).

The lowest point in San Marino is Torrente Ausa at 180 feet (55 m).

The climate of San Marino is Mediterranean and as such it has mild or cool winters and warm to hot summers.

Most of San Marino's precipitation also falls during its winter months.