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Currency of San Marino


San Marini is another nation which used the European Euro. The European euro is used by the country which is a member of the Eurozone. Eurozone is the area of the Europe where all the countries use euro.


The euro has become very powerful in the recent past.

San Marino used to have lira as the official currency of the country. Lira was predominantly used in the country since a long time in San Marino.

The country is also known to have the oldest constituency in all the European countries. The constitution of San Marino was formed way back in 1600 and the same constitution is working even today.

Currency of San Marino

The San Marino currency has euro banknotes and euro coins. The euro banknotes come in the denominations of ?500¸ ?200¸ ?100¸ ?50¸ ?20¸ ?10¸ ?5. Each banknotes denomination has a unique color to it.

The euro coins are also minted in the denomination of ?2¸ ?1¸ 50c¸ 20c¸ 10c¸ 5c¸ 2c¸ and 1c. The euro coins have one common side and the other has the national design on it.

The ISO 4217 code of the currency of San Marino is EUR. The previous currency ISO 4217 code is ITL.

As the country is very close to Italy and it is influenced by the Italian government in a big way¸ the Italian lira was the official currency of the country before.

Since the euro was issued¸ San Marino has been using euro as the official currency of the country.

The Euro is valued to be one of the highest currencies. Its exchange rate is ideally compared with the USD as USD is applicable worldwide.