German Cuisine

German Cuisine
Many people know the foods of other nations. Many do not realize that quite a few of the recipes they eat today had their start in Germany! That's right, many of your American favorites were actually German Food.


If you love German Cuisine (Food) then you are going to love this webpage. If you are not sure and just want to try it then you are in the right place. We have taken lots of great links below to recipes that you will enjoy.

Thinking of German cuisine (foods) as of a mix of Beer & Sausage would be an unforgivable simplification of this very fine German Foods tradition.

Many what we think of as American Foods got their start in Germany.

Meatloaf, Deviled Eggs, Hot Dogs (frankfurters, bratwurst etc...) , Hamburgers (bouletten) , and many more. Schnitzel is similar veal parmesan.

German appreciation of healthy, well-prepared foods served with care is well known.

Everyone who loves to have a good meal will be impressed by German cooking.

There are hundreds of different dishes and beverages many of which are typical only to some German regions.

You are not likely to find many of these dishes in any other country than Germany.

Of course you should try the many wonderful German Foods.

From the Konditionarei where you will find many great German pastries, to the street side Schnell Imbiss with it's many German fast food specialties like Curry Wurst, Bratwurst, Pommes Frites, Fleish Spiese, Kabobs, etc., and when you make it to your local German restaurant you can pick from many traditional recipes.