Soft Drinks in Belarus


A well-known traditional drink of Eastern Slavs is sbiten. It is a hot drink based on honey or molasses mixed with herbs, spices, and sugar. The drink was mainly used in winter while kvass was widely used in summer.


Belarusian sbiten has its peculiar features. The recipe includes birch leaves, calamus, lime flowers. On the christening celebrations Belarusians added radish to the drink. Today sbiten is served in restaurants and farmsteads.

Belarusians also like drinks made of wild berries – cowberries, cranberries. Among popular spring drinks are byarozavik and klyanovik – birch and maple saps, and birch and maple-based drinks.

One more favorite homemade drink is compote. It is made of local berries and fruits which are boiled in a great amount of sugared water.

Mineral water enjoys high popularity as well. Mineral wells are found in pristine areas of Belarus, including national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Almost every health resort in Belarus makes use of mineral water from local sources for drinking, inhalations, and baths.

Belarusian Kvass

Belarus’ traditional beverage – kvass – is made using natural fermentation of bread or cereal (barley, rye). In the old days it was a popular summertime refreshment. 

Kvass to traditional recipes can be made at home.

In summer you can buy this naturally fermented tasty drink from mobile street vendors. Vendors offer kvass made by Belarus’ leading producers. 

Bottled kvass, available in stores all the year round, enjoys high popularity today. The beverage made to traditional and original recipes is offered by several big companies.

Kvass festivals are a usual thing in Belarus with a variety of tasting and entertainment shows held during these festivals. The biggest of them takes place in the city of Lida(Grodno Oblast).