Sightseeing in Belarus


Belarus was previously known as Belorussia, meaning White Russia. The name Belarus came into use, when the country became free from Soviet Union and after USSR broke in 1991. The country of Belarus has a picturesque view and there are many places for sightseeing in Belarus. Given below are few such places.


Braslav Lakes

Braslav Lakes or Braslav Lake district, as it is popularly known as, is one of the places for sightseeing in Belarus. It is located in the north and north east of the country, near the borders of Lithuania and Lativia.

This place is ideal for boating, as there are more than 30 lakes. One can enjoy boating leisurely in the crystal clear lakes, surrounded by forests. You can stay at small cottages that are available on rent, near the lake shores. The place is ideal for weekend holidays.

Holy Spirit Cathedral

There are many architectural buildings in Belarus, of which Holy Spirit Cathedral is one such building. This cathedral has a typical Soviet kind of architecture, with dome shaped structures. The cathedral has a typical old world charm, which attracts visitors.

Lenin Monument

Lenin Monument is a famous place for sightseeing in Belarus. As the name suggests, Lenin Monument is the monument that has been built, during the time when it was a part of Soviet Union.

There are many places, where Lenin's statues are being removed, but it is in some former Soviet Union countries, like, Belarus, Ukraine etc, such monuments are still there and some new are also constructed.

Great Patriotic War Museum

Great Patriotic War Museum is a museum located in Minsk. This museum was built in order to mark the Great Patriotic War. The museum was inaugurated after Minsk was freed from the Nazi invaders, on 25th October1944.

It was the only museum that was opened during World War II, which was yet to come to an end. This is the specialty of the museum and is one of the places for sightseeing in Belarus. People of this museum are also engaged in research work, in particular areas.


Vitebsk is a small city, which is situated 169 miles away from Minsk. It is the birthplace of famous painter Marc Chagall. While sightseeing in museum, you can drop in at the cultural center, which is named after Chagall and also at his ancestral house that is converted into a museum.

Kamenets Tower

This tower is located in Brest and is also known as Belaya Vezha or white tower. This tower was built in 13th century and is famous for its elegant design.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

While sightseeing in Belarus, you must visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in Brest. This place is a typical countryside, where you can find trees that are 500 years old. You can also see rare species of wild European bison and different varieties of animals and plants.

Belavezha Wood

Belavezha Wood is the only place in Belarus, where you will still find wild animals like wolves, bears and bison living and roaming in the woods.


If you are interested to know about the political history of Belarus, then you can drop in at Viskouli, while sightseeing in Belarus. It is the place, where the famous treaty was signed by the leaders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine during the final dissolution of USSR.

Other places where you can drop in at for sightseeing in Belarus are given below:

Museum of Material Culture

Olympic Sports Complex

Palik Lake

Museum of History and Archaeology