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Population of Kyrgyzstan


The population of Kyrgyzstan was 5,264,000 according to the July 2005 census and 4,896,100 according to the census of 1999. The Kyrgyzstan population is mainly comprised of three ethnic groups, namely the Kyrgyz,the Russians and the Uzbek population.


The natives or the Kyrgyz population was estimated at 4.46 million in the year of 1993 and 18.8 percent were Russians who stayed back after the end of the rule of Soviet Union, and 12.9 percent concentration of the Uzbek group.

There were many more cultures that migrated to Kyrgyzstan. There were also 2.1 percent Ukrainians, and 1.0 percent Germans residing in Kyrgyzstan.

The two main segments of the country, is the north and the south which have varied cultural and economic pattern with some particular ethnic groups residing.

The estimation of 1989 census inferred that only 38 % of the population was urbanized.

The Fergana Valley in the eastern Kyrgyzstan and along the borders of Central Asian countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is one of the most densely populated areas. This region is also very fertile and agriculturally productive.

The ethnic groups in Kyrgyzstan have contributed highly to its culture, tradition and customs.

The sedentary groups of Uzbeks and Tajiks were highly influenced by the native and nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz who moved with their herds in the mountains. The people of Kyrgyzstan are highly active and make good use of the native resources.

The Population of Kyrgyzstan is a composition of too many diverted groups which have their respective effects on the culture of Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyz - official language, Russian - official language