Isreal's Health Care System

Isreal's Health Care System
Israel's health care system is different from that of the United States and other countries around the world. First off, they offer health care to everyone and it is required by the government. This means that everyone is guaranteed the right to health care and will get the health care that they need from the government.


While many people think this is good, some do not agree with it and find it to be controversial. It was actually started after the British came and conquered Israel back in the early 1900's.

At that time, Israel was filled with disease, infection and just overall public health in crisis. This led the British to put up several health measures including the vaccination of everyone for small pox and covering water cisterns to protect the population from Malaria.

Once they had done this, a health care system that was public was setup. This health care system continues today. Most of the hospitals throughout the country are owned by the Government with a few being run by organizations that are similar to HMO's.

Basic and essential coverage is provided by one of four health care organizations that are located in Israel. However, there is additional coverage throughout the country that can be purchased to cover things that are not essential or basic.

This supplementary insurance is great for people looking to cover advance medical procedures or those that are not thought to be of that basic and essential need.

The healthcare that is provided from the system can actually be quite complicated even for Israelis to understand. Many of the health care organizations contract with private doctors to provide their participants with coverage.

When participants are not close to a private doctors they may be covered by a local medical practice in a rural area of the country. Sometimes a health care organization will operate its own clinic to provide for its customers.

This is mostly done by Clarit, the largest health care organization in Israel with more than 54% of the residents of the country being a member of this organization.

In order to get health care in Israel there is little that must be done. You must be a citizen and pay a health care tax, but other than that you have healthcare.

You pick out the health care organization that you want to join and you can switch up to one time per year to a different organization.