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Places to Visit in Israel


Israel was established in 1948 as the Jewish homeland, but the country is located on land held sacred to several of the world's major religions.


Millions of pilgrims and tourists visit Israel every year to view religious sites and ruins. In addition to religious attractions, Israel is home to modern cities and geographic wonders.

Tel Aviv

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Tel Aviv is the urban epicenter of Israel. The metropolis is host to theatre, museums, opera and restaurants. Shop at the massive HaCarmel Market, a street mall featuring fresh produce and local ware vendors.

While in Tel Aviv, visit one of the four nearby beaches, ideal for surfing, diving or sunbathing. Tel Aviv has a relatively young resident demographic, and this is reflected in the abundance of nightlife in the city. During the day, take in the artful combination of ancient and modern architecture.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on Earth and the world's lowest point below sea level.

Due to the salt and mineral content, swimming is nearly impossible, but floating in the Dead Sea is easy and a must-do for visitors. Recorded history of the Dead Sea spans 5,000 years, including links to biblical kings Herod and Solomon.

Today's Dead Sea is a large tourist attraction and features a variety of nearby lodging and dining options. The area is also dotted with gardens, nature preserves and museums.

Just south of the sea, visit Mt. Sodom, a series of salt cliffs believed to feature the salt pillars created when Lot's wife and daughter turned back to view the destruction of biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah.


Jerusalem is a holy city for Judaism, and the city is home to religious sites and artifacts significant to Christians and Muslims.

The Western Wall, also known as the "Wailing Wall," is the last ruin of the original Temple of Jerusalem built by King Solomon and rebuilt by King Herod following Babylonian attack in 586 B.C. People visit the sacred site for photographs and to place prayer notes between the stone cracks.

The Garden Tomb is a site of Christian interest, as it is believed by many to be Jesus Christ's burial and resurrection site.

Other holy sites include Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque, the oldest Islamic mosque outside of Mecca.

If you do not have time to tour historical sites, the Time Elevator attraction offers snapshots of Jerusalem history through a simulated aerial tour.