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Overview of Israel


Israel is in the Middle East located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan and the West Bank in the east, Egypt and the Gaza Strip on the southwest.


Officially name: The State of Israel

Capital and largest city: Jerusalem

Official language: Hebrew, Arabic

Government: Parliamentary democracy


Total 20,770 / 22,072 km2 (151st)
Water (%) 2


2014 estimate 8,238,300 (96th)
Density 387.63/km2 (30th)
1.004.00 /sq mi

Currency: Shekel (₪‎) (ILS or NIS)

Time zone

Summer (DST) IDT (UTC+3)

Drives on the right

Internet TLD: .il

Calling code: 972