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Culture of Peru


Peru culture is very rich and shows the influence of several other cultures on it. Like other South America countries, Peru culture has com across several other European and Asian cultures and have included a number of other other cultural aspect into the web of its own colorful culture.


The two main influences that has molded the native Peru culture, are the Hispanic and the Amerindian traditions. As a result, in every field of cultural activities like music, dance, festivals, literature and other art forms these influences are visible. 

Peru culture has left its own marks of superiority in almost every form of artistry. For a long time it sustain the high quality of art of the native people known as Inca. They exalted in field of jewelery, pottery, sculpture, architecture and many more. After the Spanish influence during the colonized period, there developed a particular form of art known as the Mestizo that is a particular form of drawing art. One very attractive instance of the superiority of the Inca culture is the hill town of Machu Pichu that has even made a place in the newly selected seven wonder of this world. 

In the field of music and dance also, Peru has its own distinctiveness. Before the Hispanis influence there had been a number of musical instrument that speaks of the distinctive Peru culture. Some of these musical instrument are, quenna, pinkillo and many more. Most of the foreign influence on Peru music has resulted in the evolution of the musical instruments. Many dance forms that were native, were also influenced by other cultures and has made Peru culture all the more colorful and rich.