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Population of Peru


The population of the Republic of Peru for 2014 is estimated at 30,970,408. This is based on the number of births, the number of deaths, the net migration rate, the population growth rate, and the population of 2013.


 Peru’s population makes up about 0.43% of the world’s total population. Peru is ranked 40th in the world population rankings, behind Afghanistan, but ahead of Venezuela. In July of 2013, the population was estimated at 30,475,144. Thus, since last July, the population has grown by 495,264 people or by a growth rate of 1.63%.

 The last census was conducted in 2007 and it recorded the population at 28,220,764. Thus, since the last census, the population has grown by 2,749,644 people or by an average annual growth rate of 1.39%. Based on the total land area and the total population of the country, the population density of Peru is estimated at 24.2 people per square kilometer or 62.67 people per square mile.

The Peruvian population mainly identifies as part of the mestizo ethnic group, which is a group of mixed ancestries. The next largest ethnic group is the Quechua ethnic group. The rest of the population consists of small populations of the Aymara, Amazonian, Mulatto, and White ethnic groups. 

The official language of the Republic of Peru is Spanish. However, there are approximately 105 individual languages throughout the country. But, about 11 of these languages are considered to be extinct. Lastly, the literacy rate is considered to be about 85%.