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Political System of Russia


The political system of Russia has undergone significant transformation in every age. Although regarded as the 'birthplace of Communism', a comprehensive analysis of the political system of Russia gives you a clear idea about its functioning of the Russian government and the judiciary.


A Brief Insight into the Constitution of Russia---

After a period of political and economic turmoil, the present constitution of Russia was adopted on December 12th 1993.

It is widely categorized in to sections such as--- Fundamentals of the Constitutional System, Rights and Liberties of Man and Citizen, Russian Federation, President of the Russian Federation, Federal Assembly, Government, Judiciary, Local Self-Government, Constitutional Amendments and Revisions.

The Constitution declares that the President of the Russian Federation is invariably the head of state and it's his sole responsibility for guarding the Constitution and its rights, civil liberties, protecting the sovereignty of Russia, territorial integrity, and controlling and coordinating the functioning of the other government bodies of the state.

The Russian judiciary has appeal jurisdiction and judicial review which can be undertaken only at the Supreme Court.

It's important to note that the judges of Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Arbitration are appointed by the Federation Council of Russia only on the reference of the President of Russia.

The Constitutional Court is responsible for framing laws on presidential and governmental matters.

The Supreme Court of Russia takes into account and looks after the administrative law, civil laws and cases related to criminal offences. It also supervises the work of lower courts and delves into the rendition of laws if required.

Functioning of the Russian Government---

The government of the Russian federation functions as an executive body with a cabinet ministers.

Some of the major functions of the Russian government are-preparing the federal budget and thereby placing it on the State Duma. It is also the responsibility of the government for implementation of monetary policies.

The Russian government has to ensure strict measures in defending the country against foreign attack and more importantly implement civil laws, human rights and protection of public property.

The administration keeps a check on the rise of crime and spread of illegal activities. The Federal Assembly of Russia is the legislature of the country framed according to the Constitution of Russian in the year 1993.

It consists of the State Duma, which is refered to as lower house of Parliament, and the Federation Council, invariably the upper house.

Present Political System of Russia---

An analysis of the political system of Russia remains incomplete without mentioning the major political parties of Russia which are-- Agrarian Party of Russia, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and Russian Social Justice Party. Though opposition parties are allowed, yet there is little scope for them.

Thus, an overview of the political system of Russia gives you a clear idea of the exact details of Russian government and the subsequent political structure of the country.