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Warsaw is the capital of Poland


Warsaw is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and the largest construction and renovation site in Central Europe.


During recent years, Warsaw has grown into a vibrant, cosmopolitan and influential European metropolis that offers a rich repertoire of business fairs, political gatherings and social and cultural events, including theater, opera and concert halls performances.

Warsaw is also a student city. Every eighth resident is a student. Students both enjoy and add to the atmosphere of vitality, creativity, and dynamism that reigns in Warsaw.

A focal point for foreign business and investment, the vibrant city of Warsaw is host to hundreds of multinational companies, banks, research institutions,non-profit organizations, international intergovernmental organizations and EU institutions.

Warsaw's unique work and career environment provides an excellent opportunity for American students to undertake international internships in their particular area of interest.

Students enhance skills, develop professional contacts and increase career opportunities while enjoying their leisure time and making enduring friendships in this charming and dynamic city.

With its central location in Europe, Warsaw has very convenient international travel connections to Western Europe, Scandinavia, Southern Europe as well as Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine