Coffee and Tea in Poland

Whatever you have heard tea is the everyday drink in Poland, while coffee gives stimulus and sipping it in company often has social function. The country abounds in quality mineral waters, and its excellent fruit crops produce tasty juices. Milk is generally thought the kid’s stuff but homely sour milk and its processed equivalent, kefir, are common refreshers. Polish vodka remains the traditional booze, yet beer has recently become more popular.

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Top 10 unusual winter sports

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The 10 Most Educated Countries In The World

While once, education was the privilege of the wealthy – historically, the wealthy men to be more accurate – countries across the globe have improved access to basic education over the years. The total number of children who drop out of school has seen a reduction of 47 million since 1999, so things are looking positive; but millions still lack basic education and the advantages that learning brings. At the start of this decade, over 130 million teens and kids worldwide were outside of the education system: a concerning fact, given that individuals who lack education have limited resources and opportunities. The lack of access to basic education means less progress, less financial stability and a less sustainable country.