Healthcare in Norway

Healthcare in Norway
Norway has an excellent standard of compulsory state funded healthcare. Medical staff are extremely well trained and healthcare in the country is available to all citizens and registered long-term residents. Private healthcare is also available. The Ministry of Health determines healthcare policy and oversees the state system. Healthcare policy is executed by five health regions and the municipalities.


The State System

The health service in Norway is funded predominantly through taxes taken directly from salaries and there is no specific health contribution fund.

The National Insurance Administration known as the Trygdeetaten is responsible for the National insurance Scheme NIS, a state insurance scheme that guarantees everybody a basic level of welfare.

The NIS provides benefits for illness, accidents, bodily defects, pregnancy, birth, disability, death, and loss of the breadwinner as well as for unemployment and old age.

All citizens who live or work in Norway or are on permanent work within the Norwegian Continental Shelf must contribute to the NIS.

In addition, people living in Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Jan Mayen who are employed by a Norwegian employer or who were insured under the National Insurance Act prior to their stay in these areas and certain categories of Norwegian citizens working abroad must pay compulsory National Insurance contributions.

Norway, a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) follows EU regulations on social security.

Employees and the self-employed become members of the social security system through payment of national Insurance. Those who do not fulfil these requirements can apply for voluntarily membership in the NIS if their stay in Norway exceeds three months.

Students from Scandinavian countries and Iceland automatically become members of the Norwegian NIS if they register as residents of Norway.

Students from other countries automatically qualify for healthcare if they study in the country for over one year. This is an automatic process when you register as a student.