The Education System in Norway

The Education System in Norway
Norwegian educational policy is rooted in the principle of equal rights to education for all members of society.


Teaching at Norwegian schools is to be adapted to the abilities and skills of the individual pupils.

Norway has one of the highest standards of general education in the world.

Compulsory education in Norway is ten years, and consists of primary and lower secondary education.

Upper secondary education is optional. Public education in Norway is free up to and including the upper secondary level.

The higher education sector comprises universities and university colleges.

With the exception of a few privately-run institutes, all institutions of higher education are operated by the state but each enjoys a great deal of autonomy.

Norway has six universities, six specialized university colleges, 25 state university colleges, two state university colleges of art, and 29 private university colleges.

In the autumn of 2005, more than 211 000 students were registered at Norwegian universities and university colleges.