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Monaco Population


Monaco is located in a beautiful location and it is a natural harbor in Europe. As per the estimate made by United Nations in the year 2003 the total population of Monaco is thirty two thousand.


For Monaco population Monaco acquired the one 88th position among the one ninety-three nations of the world.

Among the total population of Monaco, sixteen percent people are Roman Catholic.

Monaco population also includes sixteen percent of Italian people.

The official language of the Monaco population is French, but languages like English, Monegasque and Italian are also spoken widely in Monaco.

In the year 2003, among the total population of Monaco about twenty three percent people were within the age group of sixty-five years.

At that year approximately fifteen percent of people were under the age group of fifteen years. In the year 2003 in Monaco there were ninety-one male populations for every hundred females.

As per the estimation conducted by the United Nations the annual growth rate of Monaco population from the year 2000 to 2005 is 0.92%. United Nations estimated the total population of Monaco for the year 2015 is about thirty eight thousand which is six thousand more than the total population Monaco in the year of 2003.

The population density of Monaco in the year 2002 was 17,503 per sq km which has make Monaco the most compactly occupied country of the whole world. Among the total population of Monaco about hundred percent of the people lives in city region.

Monaco population includes large number of inhabitant foreigners.