Luxembourg Religion

Luxembourg Religion
Luxembourg Religion mainly includes Roman Catholics who account for 87% of the population in Luxembourg. The Jews, Muslims and Protestants (as per 2000 data report) comprise the rest of the Luxembourg population.


No discrimination is made against any religion in Luxembourg. Jews, Muslims and Protestants are considered to be the religious minorities in Luxembourg.

The most dominant religion of Luxembourg is the Roman Catholicism. Christianity was very much prevalent in Luxembourg during the Middle Ages. It continued to be there. The state has supported the prevalence of the Roman Catholic Church since a long time.

Another religion practiced in Luxembourg is Judaism. This Luxembourg religion has been in practice for a pretty long period. About 80% of the Jews exist in the main city of Luxembourg. The rest live in the town of Esch-sur-Alzette.

Protestantism is also widely practiced in Luxembourg. There are Protestant Churches in the Grand Duchy, which are Protestant Reformed Church of Luxembourg and the Protestant Church of Luxembourg. The state has been providing continuous support to this religion at Luxembourg.

Another religion of Luxembourg, Islam is practiced by a good number of Luxembourg people. They offer prayers at the Islamic Cultural Center of Luxembourg due to the absence of mosque in Luxembourg.