Political structure of Luxemburg

Luxembourg is a parliamentary, democracy headed by a constitutional monarch. Under the constitution of 1868, executive power is exercised by the Grand Duke and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers.


Traditions and Holidays

The annual high points of Luxembourg culture are the Oktav, the Revue and the Fouer, says a local comic. And in a way, he’s right. Three times a year, custom compels Luxembourgers from the country to go on a pilgrimage to their capital: to the Octave, for eight days of prayer dedicated to Our Lady, Consolatrix Afflictorum; to the Revue, a satirical revue of the political year; and to the Schueberfouer, or Fouer, a funfair during several weeks. Take a closer look, and it’s clear that most holidays have developed out of the country’s religious tradition.


Luxembourg Beers & Drinks

In 1993 it was reported that Luxembourg had the highest worldwide per capita consumption of alcohol; an average of three beers a day for every man, woman, and child. French wine is the most commonly drunk alcohol, and fine beers from Germany and Belgium are widely available.