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Easter in Luxembourg


In Luxembourg, Easter is the most important religious holiday, just as it is in plenty other Christian countries. This holiday begins with the Lent and ends in the first Tuesday after Easter proper.


Easter in Luxembourg could not be complete without the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.

In order to bring a touch of color to this holiday, parents and grandparent hide the eggs and the bunnies in the garden, and children enjoy looking for them.

Easter also occasions a moment when lovers confess their feelings. Men offer to their lovers and or wives sweet cracklings and, at their turn, receive pralines and eggs or chocolate bunnies.

Easter Monday is an important day for Luxembourgers. Locals get out on the markets and serve traditional food and drinks, and visitors can enjoy the sundry traditional performances organized on the streets.

Yet, the very climax of this day refers to the ceramics exhibitions, where craftsmen can be seen at work and where visitors can buy souvenirs.