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Luxembourg Currency


Euro is the officially accepted Luxembourg currency.


This country earlier had the Luxembourgian francs as their currencies. This was in use between 1854 and 1999.

However, with the change initiated in nearly the whole continent, Luxembourg has also adapted Euro as their official currency.

The old currency of Luxembourg, Luxembourg franc was replaced by Euro at an exchange rate of 40.3399 every Euro.

The country does not have any mint. Hence, all the Luxembourg currency is manufactured in the country of Netherlands.

The Euro coins of Luxembourg contain the 12 stars of the flag of EU. These coins also contain the portrait of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, which are engraved on it.

The name of the country and the year of the manufacture of the coin are printed in the Luxembourgian language.

The country of Luxembourg has the use of Euros as its currency, a single unit of which is equivalent to US $ 1.4164.