Luxembourg Education

Luxembourg Education
In the country of Luxembourg in Europe the Luxembourg Ministry of Education is in charge for scrutinizing and running the national education plan of Luxembourg Education. The 116 local townships of Luxembourg place their individual educational association and class program on a yearly basis.


In Luxembourg Education there is a certain structure of education. The three tiers of the educational structure of Luxembourg are:

Pre-higher Education
School Education
Higher Education

Luxembourg school attendance is necessary for the students of the age group of 6 to 15.

The students go to primary schools for six years and then they walk into the secondary schools for the period of seven years.

Post-secondary education in Luxembourg comprises of the Central University of Luxembourg, teacher training schools and Superior Institute of Technology.

In the year 1997, the enrollment of the primary schools was 28,437 students. The ratio of student and teacher was 15:1. The enrollment in the secondary schools in that particular year happened to be 28,796 students.

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg the higher Education of Luxembourg encompasses:

First/second year at all faculties
Short Term education in Economic Sciences which is oriented towards pre service training
Four year technological education
Three year pedagogical/social education
Third cycle studies offered at the Centre Universitaire