Guide Alcohol in Belgium

When it comes to beer, Belgium is king. In Belgium, a glass of beer can easily be thought of as part of the meal, and beers across a dizzying spectrum of hues are popular here. Drinking beer and spirits first developed in Europe as practices which promoted good health. Belgian brewing practices are second to none, and brewers produce beers that carry strong fruit overtones, are strong in alcohol content, and are a terrific swill from the first aroma to the aftertaste.


Embassy addresses in Belguim

Theft and pick pocketing is a problem in crowded areas. Be extra vigilant in Brussels and Antwerp at major railway stations, on the underground, buses and trams, particularly late at night.


Belgium Currency is the Euro

No doubt, if you're traveling to Brussels, you'll want to know what the Belgium currency is. Quite simply, it's the Euro and quite easy to make the switch from dollars, pounds and other international currencies.