Coffee in Andorra


With breakfast, or even just as breakfast, as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, after dinner and at just about any other social encounter, a coffee is as much of a national institution in the Franco-Hispanic world as ‘a nice cup of tea’ is in the UK.


The variations in preference are wide ranging:
décaféiné is decaffinated;
café solo is a small, very strong black coffee;
cortado is basically a café solo but with a little milk;
café con leche is a more familiar standard-sized coffee with more milk (same as the French-style café au lait );
carajillo is a café solo with a nip of spirit added (usually brandy, or you can ask for a ‘carajillo de…’ and name your poison).
Horchata This is the name for various non-alcoholic, energy boosting, nutritionally rich drinks made with tiger-nut milk (chufa ) or barley milk (ordi ).