Embassy addresses in Andorra

Most visits to Andorra are trouble-free but you should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate international terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners.


What is the national currency of Andorra?

Andorra has no monetary unit of its own and the Euro has been the official currency from January 2002. Visitors from non Euro countries are advised to bring travellers\' cheques or Euro cheques and to cash them in Andorra as the exchange rate is usually better than in other European countries. Credit cards e.g. Amex, Visa & Access are accepted in many establishments.


Political structure of Andorra

The politics of Andorra take place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic country, whereby the Head of Government of Andorra is the chief executive, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.