Valentine's Day in Australia


Valentine's Day which falls every year on February 14th is a celebration of romance and it is considered as remembrance of the martyrdom of Saint Valentine. It is a fun occasion where people exchange romantic gift between their friends, family and beloved's. Australia, the land of kangaroo has already made its mark as a popular romantic destination. Australia is a place where greetings card sells like hot pizzas during Valentine's season. Being culturally rich place, Australia reflects that even in the display of Valentine's Day celebration. Australia has a lot picturesque landscapes and stunning natural sightseeing. Valentine's Day in Australia has a discrete history of its own. In Australia, Valentine's Day is not just considered as lover's day. It is an occasion for everybody to enjoy their unconditional love towards anyone or anything. One can even gift his/her pet puppy a ribbon in the Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day Traditions in Australia

There is a story behind the extravagant Valentine's Day celebrations of Australia. It is believed that during the gold rush period, miners became extremely rich due to the new wealth found from the Ballarat mines. Miners ordered lavish valentine's functions to express the happiness in their success. They distributed loads of expensive gifts, sweets to people and their celebrations enriched the posh streets of Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

In Australia, it's proved by studies that men are more romantic than women. While 58% of men buy valentine greeting's card, only 41% of Australian but greeting cards for their men. It is considered that Valentine's Day is a kind of women's day. Men buy gifts to please the woman of their life. The Valentine's celebration is Australia takes place with weeklong music carnivals and amateur theatre fest in the towns of Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. The celebrations always end up as mega multi cultural events which make a vivid display of Australia's ethnic art and craft activities, fun shows and sports competitions.

Common people usually go for an outing or meeting friend and relatives on the Valentine's Day. It is declared as holiday in Australia. People exchange flower bouquets, which is an ancient and traditional Valentine's gift but flowers still have the charisma to charm people. Flowers and candies can paint a smile on people's face. As a matter of fact, world's leading floral rally brand is in Australia. They have the largest selection of bouquets and arrangements that are perfect for any Valentine' day.

In Australia, a lot of people are using the traditional gift methods of Valentine's Day while a modern cult email and SMS to send their love messages. Like other people across the globe, Australians also likes to take gifts like routine romantic gifts and arrangement like a candle light dinner, red balloon, sexy lingerie, bandaged bear for children, freemanx gifts which range from sailing cruises to skydiving and tickets to live `adrenalin adventure experience' on a Valentine's day. Action and fun games involving Canoe, Helicopter, Tyrolean, Cableway, Bike and Hike are called `adrenaline adventure experience'.