Australian Foods


The foods of Australia carry a strong influence from people around the world. The potato famine of Ireland in the 1840's that caused many starving Irish to move to Australia. Many others traveled to the country a few years after that to enjoy their piece of the "gold rush" that occurred.


Europeans and Asians settled in Australia during World War II as well and they, like their predecessors, brought their traditional cuisines. The many different cultures brought with them traditional foods such as Greek and Italian dishes, and the Europeans brought tea, coffee, cheeses, fruits, and cocoa, which have helped to create a rich diversity in Australian meals.

Traditional Food in Australia 

Around the time that World War II ended, many from Europe and Asia brought their ways of cooking, traditional seasonings and crops to Australia with them. 

Commonly found crops in Australia include oranges, grapes, bananas, rice and wheat. Meats such as poultry, seafood, beef, pork and lamb are also found in today's common Australian foods. 

Breakfast might include fried eggs and bacon, fruit and juice. For lunch, many people choose to have sandwiches with tuna or salad. Australian dinners are often made up of barbecued shrimp, leg of lamb and salad or roasted vegetables.

Australian Dishes

Roasted Lamb and Vegetables - A very popular dish in Australia.

Fish and chips - Favorite Australian food.

Grated apple, carrot and raisin salad - Made up of lettuce, raisins, coconut, red apples, carrots and lemon juice. This salad is refreshing for the hot summers.

Lamington - This favorite dessert is a sponge cake covered with chocolate icing and coconut. Often, these are served as halves with strawberry jam layered between them.

Australian Meat Pie - This national favorite consists of ketchup, milk, pepper and beef.

Tim Tams - These are made of chocolate with two layers of malted biscuit. A thin chocolate cream filling is in the middle and it's topped with chocolate.

Anzac biscuits - This is also a country favorite that can be found not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand. It is made of flour, coconut, rolled oats, butter and sugar.

Pavlova - This is a commonly found Australian dessert that has been named after Anna Pavlova, the Russian ballet dancer. It's meringue based and lightly sweet.

Dim Sim - A kind of meat dumpling which is basically a large ball of pork, cabbage and other ingredients.

Chiko Roll - This is common in Australia and has been inspired by the egg roll. Meant to be easy to eat, it is made of cabbage, barley, celery, beef, spices and green beans and is then rolled into an egg and flour dough that has been deep fried.