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Bahrain Culture and Traditions


Located in the middle of the Persian Gulf, there sits a large archipelago of islands known as Bahrain. Bahrain, which means “two seas”, is made up of a total of thirty islands, and has the population of a medium to large sized city.


Because it is mainly a Muslim country, Bahrain culture and traditions reflect the religion of Islam in many ways. As the years pass, however, the people of Bahrain continue to show more and more western influence.

People of Bahrain

The country and its surrounding islands are made up of a wide variety of different people and cultures. Because of this, Bahrain is somewhat of a cultural melting pot.

With over half the population being mostly native-born Bahrainis, the Arab customs and Bahrain culture reign supreme. However, western customs have penetrated the country and as a result, it is one of the more progressive Arab countries in the Middle East.

Religion of the People

While the official religion in Bahrain is Islam, the overall Muslim population continues to decline as more and more non-Muslim immigrants come to the country looking for work.

Most of the practicing Muslims follow shia, which is the second largest denomination of Islam. In addition, Bahrain has the largest Christian following in the Persian Gulf. It also is the only country in the Arabic Middle East to have an active Jewish community.

Kings Rule the Classes

The governing body of Bahrain is a traditional monarchy with a King calling all of the shots. The king selects the prime minister and all the heads of the cabinet.

Because it has become one of the wealthiest of the Gulf States, known primarily for its oil and pearls, there is a traditional class system that has taken shape.

The wealthiest residents live near or directly in the city, and staff most of their positions with foreign workers.

Respect Will Get You Far

Bahrain culture may seem old fashioned to the western world, as they are steeped in respect for each other, and their elders.

As a result, people tend to shy away from conflict and uncomfortable feelings in public. In addition, friendships are essential to doing business.

Each person takes ample amounts of time to get to know the other person so a deep trust can develop between them.

If one party gets impatient and tries to rush the process, it is considered rude on their part and most business dealings will be put on hold.

Supercar Racing

Located in Bahrain, the Bahrain International Circuit is a motor sports attraction that has helped put the tiny country on the map.

Supercar racing has become increasingly popular in this Middle East Kingdom, due mostly in part to this amazing complex.

Hosting races such as the Desert 400 and the Grand Prix, as well as many other international competitions, the Bahrain International Circuit is a venue that promises to continue to bring the excitement of Formula One racing for years to come.

Bahrain culture and its rich traditions are deeply rooted in the past, with one eye looking toward the future. It is such a wealthy country full of luxuries that many consider to be somewhat of a paradise.

Because of this, the population continues to grow at a steady pace. If you’re looking for a place to see eastern cultures and traditions run into western practices, or maybe catch a supercar race, Bahrain could be the next place you’ll want to visit.