A Look at the Health Care System in Bahrain

A Look at the Health Care System in Bahrain
If you are moving abroad to live in Bahrain and are concerned about the quality of the health care you might receive there in the event that you become ill you are worrying for no reason.


With the exception of some specialized treatments, the quality of the health care that you will receive while in Bahrain is actually quite high. In fact, it is considered to be equal to what you would receive in the United States or in Western Europe.

Unlike what you might experience in Western Europe or in the United States, you will not see any long waiting lists for medical treatment or services in Bahrain.

This is due in part of the incredibly small population of Bahrain. There are also many medical facilities and service centers through out the country, both private and public facilities.

Those that can afford it seek medical attention for specialized treatment outside of the country. This sees a lot of people traveling to the United States or the United Kingdom when specialized treatment is needed. This includes members of the ruling family of Bahrain.

Most of the doctors that you will come across in Bahrain are not citizens of the country. In fact most of the medical doctors in Bahrain are foreigner and were trained in their home country. Most have come to Bahrain to reap the financial rewards.

Bahrain does have a national public health system that offers free or low cost health care services and treatments.

These services are not restricted to citizens of Bahrain. In fact, expats are able and even encouraged to enjoy the low cost health care benefits offered by the state.

Tourists, while encouraged to have their own private health insurance, are also able to have access to the public health care services and treatment.

All cities and towns in Bahrain have at least one hospital but usually have several. The poorer areas have older facilities and older equipment but still offer acceptable services and treatment options.

If possible you should ask around for a recommendation as to which hospital to go to for your self. There are three types of hospitals that you will encounter in Bahrain: public, private and military.

You should note that alternative medicine is not as widely practiced in Bahrain as it is in the United States and Europe.

If you need to get medication you can look for a pharmacy by looking for a building with a green cross on the outside of it. Most medicines that you are used to getting behind the counter are actually available as over the counter medication in Bahrain.