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Culture features of Venezuela


The houses and churches of Venezuela also stand as proofs of the rich architectural heritage of the country. The modern houses are built in simple styles. Venezuela art, and theater of Venezuela also form an inseparable parts of Venezuela Culture. Spanish is spoken by majority. However, native languages are prevalent in certain parts of the country.


Venezuela Literature

As far as  Literature is concerned, it started developing during the days of colonial subjugation. Different types of poetry and archives formed the basis of the literature during the 1700s. The 18th century opened a new chapter of Venezuela Literature. Slowly, a large number of eminent poets, authors emerged in the country such as Teresa de la Parra and Arturo Uslar Pietri

Music of Venezuela

The music of Venezuela originated after the country won its independence from the Spaniards. The music of Venezuela was the product of intermingling of the African, Spanish and native music. Gaita is one of the important traditional music of the country which is mainly performed during the festival seasons. Joropo is the national dance of Venezuela. Salsa is one of the most popular dance forms in this country. Folk music of  also forms an important part of Venezuela Culture.

Festival Venezuela

Festival Venezuela brings color and fun to the country and lets the Venezuelans enjoy their culture and heritage. Festivals of Venezuela are celebrated in a grand way by the Venezuelans with high spirit. The country is well decorated and lit up. People spend their holidays during the Festival in Venezuela, with their family and friends.

Important Venezuelan Festivals

* The Procession of the Holy Shepherdess
* Carnival in Venezuela
* La Paradura del Nino
* Drumming Feast of St. John
* May Cross Celebrations

Festivals in Venezuela, which are completely based on the tradition of the Venezuelans, are enjoyed even in the present day. Festival Venezuela attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world.