Food in Venezuela

Venezuela Food is an assortment of scrumptious dishes that are authentic to Venezuela. The traditional food of Venezuela consists of premium quality fish and shellfish. Most of the Venezuela native food contains a marine flavor. The national dish of Venezuela is 'pabellon', which is composed of stewed and shredded meat together with rice, black beans and banana and corn is a staple food in Venezuela


Political System of Venezuela

The political system of Venezuela is a typical federal republic adopted and followed since the achievement of independence on July 5th 1811. Accordingly, the President is regarded as the head of the state and the present government and is elected for a term of 6 years. Here you will know about the constitutional set up of Venezuela, the tiers of government functioning and the parties - the three integral parts of the political system of Venezuela.


Religion in Venezuela

Venezuelans are constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion provided that a faith is not contrary to public order or good custom. According to the latest government statistics in 2001, an estimated 70% of the population are Roman Catholic.