Overview of Venezuela

Venezuela borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south. Its roughly 2,800 kilometres (1,700 mi) northern coastline includes numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea, and in the north east borders the northern Atlantic Ocean.


Geography of Venezuela

Venezuela geography provides a great deal of information on a variety of topics such as the location of the country, its climate, terrain, land area, flora and fauna, and much more. Many interesting and informative subjects are covered under Venezuela geography and thus increase the knowledge of people.


Drinks in Venezuela

Some of the most favorite Venezuela drinks include Ponche Crema, Chinotto and Chicha. Some of the other Venezuela drinks that are favored by the people in Venezuela are batidos and milkshakes like merengada. Batidos are fruit juices that are thick in texture but are extremely favorite among both the old and the young.